Plywood - type of furniture board used in furniture or scantlings and squares of different cross section produced from laminated timber to the thickness used in construction and construction joinery. Gloves are made of solid wood of deciduous or coniferous species. The board is glued in two ways: from solid wood lamella (glued wood in width) or finger jointed (wood glued in width and length). The production of microfiber slabs is economical (the product is always cheaper than comparable to solid glue) and the glue itself is very durable (the multitude of glue joints makes it more durable than the glue from the whole slats).

Gluers are primarily designed for home use. As standard, they are glued with D3 glue. We produce a variety of cross sections (both finger and solid) popular in many European markets.

We specialize in the production of components:
- Glued to thick
- Glued with solid components
- Finger joints